The spirit label manufacturer Etiq’Etain offers labels that glow in the dark. Discover this innovation here. Article via the page

phosphorescent  labels – Emballage Digest


The style of labels that Etiq’Etain produces for alcohol bottles are in great demand in Europe. There is a growing demand for gold and bronze labels. They mainly create colorless tin labels.

However, and from now on the company proposes in the Asian market the two-colour labels printed in flexography. In addition to the 100% tin labels with phosphorescent varnish, for black light and discotheques. The varnish is applied on the relief areas or on the bottom of the label.

“It’s an excellent way to increase the visibility of a brand on the bottle walls as it happens in discotheques.” Explains Olivier Vandenbosch, Etiq’Etain’s manager.


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