Chocolate lovers! The chocolate liqueur cream Choco Crème has arrived to please the sweetest palates. Discover it here.

Imagine preparing your desserts or that hot chocolate with the right touch of alcohol and chocolate. Choco Crème has been developed by the chocolate masters Chocolats Favoris and the creative team Duvernois.

The cream will lend itself perfectly to preparing a mocha with alcohol or any other sweet cocktail, like a chocolate Martini! Also, Choco Crème is an ideal complement to certain desserts.

For Quebec, the launch of Choco Crème is a first and a hallmark of pride, creativity and innovation, as much in the gastronomic and cocktail field as in the creative one. The cream contains among its ingredients real cocoa without added flavors or artificial coloring and has an ABV of 17%. Its taste ranges from the perfect balance of sweet and bitter chocolate, and its texture is very creamy and smooth.

Choco Crème is now available for purchase online, but only through the website of the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ). The SAQ is a state-owned company that distributes alcohol-based products.

So if you are in Quebec you can already purchase it. Its price is 38.75 $ per bottle of 700 ml.


How to taste it? 

Duvernois recommends Choco Crème in coffee or hot chocolate, on ice cream, in your desserts.


More information about Choco Crème here.

Find it at the SAQ.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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