Selfridges UK department store chain brings the limited edition gin of the Rolling Stones gin that will delight fans.

This edition of the Rolling Stones gin will be limited to 500 bottles. In collaboration with Goldy Gin, who bottled the gin, both are launching this gin in its second edition. In fact, in 2018 they launched a bottle with the emblematic language of the “Hot Lips” logo in yellow.

The limited edition gin of the Rolling Stones bottles are released and sold at a price of £49.99 exclusively online. In fact, Selfridge stores are temporarily closed for covid-19.

The first “Yellow Tongue” edition of this gin sold out in just one day in Selfridge stores. But Goldy Gin’s founder, Justin Oshea, says he’s confident of the potential of the seller’s online platform and that it will ensure as effective a sale as the first, despite the store’s closure.

These are limited sales, limited editions, these are special products. And for a band as big as the Rolling Stones, the most iconic band that sends thousands of T-shirts and stuff like that, it’s nice to be part of something they want to be part of, something small, exclusive and limited,” Oshea told The Drinks Business.

I wanted to produce a better version of what makes gin the best drink,” Oshea said of the taste of Rolling Stones Gin. This classic gin, a signature blend heavy in juniper and citrus, is produced at Thames Distillery.

The the limited edition gin of the Rolling Stones is in the brand’s tradition of creating artist spirits, such as long-standing collaborations with rock bands like Guns and Roses and Queen.

Find it al Selfridges.


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