If you would like to become a Spirit Hunter you can contact us. You can tell us what is going on in your locality in the world of bars and spirits.

Maybe there is a bar that you like and have discovered and that we still do not know of -hard to believe but true-. Or maybe you know a bartender and a new original recipe, or you find out about an important event in the world of mixology. For this and more, we invite you to share with Spirits Hunters!

Discover the world of mixology and the art of tasting with Spirits Hunters

Spirits Hunters is a progressive Web App, accessible mainly for smartphone and desktop, in three languages for the whole earth and even the moon. Full user experience with the Touch Experience: let your fingers scroll, erase and discover the world of mixology and spirits in a fun universe.

You can contact us through our Facebook page or email:




Spirits Hunters


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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