To celebrate gay pride this year, the Elysian brewery takes up again its beer GLITTERis Pride Ale but with another face, none other than Jonathan Van Ness -JVN- (“Queer Eye”).

The Elysian brewery project launched a year ago, returns this time for the Gay Pride 2019. JVN and the brewery also team up with Seattle Pride to officiate at an LGBTQ wedding hosted by Elysian. The project called #MarryUsJVN will take place on June 4 at the brewery’s Capitol Hill. (To participate and more information follow the link).

But let’s get back to the central theme of the super special Elysian GLITTERis beer. This cream ale-style beer of raspberry and blackberry has a light to medium body with 4.4% ABV. Made from premium 2-Row, C-15 and DextraPils malts, plus corn flakes and Mandarin hops. A rainbow of flavor becoming the official sponsor beer of the Seattle Pride.

JVN himself describes in an interview with the taste of GLITTERis: “It’s fruity, it’s got a little blackberry. It’s got an undertone to it that’s just fruity and yummy and gorgeous! But it’s still beer. And I love a good beer. It’s really delish!”

Importantly, a portion of the proceeds from GLITTERis are for the benefit of the Seattle Pride organization.

GLITTERis is available from 4 June. It’s a limited edition, so watch out and don’t be left out!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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