For more euphoria with tea comes Chai Rum by Kiran Akal and John Flemming

Chai Rum is a delicious idea from Kiran Akal and John Fleming. The rum is blended with traditional Caribbean herbs and flavors from Darjeeling’s tea gardens.

Kiran Akal spoke to Scroll about the origins of Chai Rum. In other words, it is about the fusion of cultures, western Indian culture and its legacy. At the same time, Akal’s ancestors settled early in the Caribbean, in 1894 when his grandfather Pundit Capildeo left for the region for work.

The creation of this rum for Kiran Akal is the writing of “a new chapter in the history of this spirit that goes back to the use of sugar cane juice in India and China…“. Bring together the West and East Indians each with their own flavors, sugar cane, tea, flowers.

Coming from an influential family settled in the Caribbean since the 1890s, Akal found better ways to bring this dream to life. Chai Rum was born as part of an experiment between Akal and Flemming. Both with diverse careers managed to find similarities between their passions and preferences and turn their lives around with the creation of chai rum.

For the moment you can get Chai Rum online and in some restaurants, shops and bars in the United States and Ireland.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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