The British wine, spirits and beer producer said its “strong earnings growth” had been driven by the performance of its gin brands, including Whitley Neill gin, JJ Whitley gin, Liverpool Organic gin, City of London gin and Marylebone.
Its operating profit increased by 319%. In its statement announcing the results, Halewood said it would continue to focus on “being the leading player in artisanal gins in the United Kingdom” as well as other international spirits markets abroad.

He added that his strategy and £50 million investment programme had already paid off, with a 19.5% increase in revenues.
The group focused on brands with a strong regional focus, including the completion of the Aber Falls Whiskey distillery and the ongoing construction of its visitor centre, the acquisition of Dead Man’s Fingers Cornish Rum and the purchase of the Polish vodka brand, Vestal.

” Halewood had an exceptional year of profitable growth,” commented Stewart Hainsworth, Group Managing Director. “The strategy of offering artisanal gins across all channels, regions and at all consumer price levels has transformed the sector with an incredible performance from Whitley Neill Gin, which is now the best-selling premium gin in the UK. ”

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