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It is the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland and to celebrate its 250 years they are launching four new expressions in this new chapter.

At Spirits Hunters we had the opportunity to taste each of the four new whiskies from Glenturret. This launch is part of their new chapter in which they are changing their ownership and image. The distillery located in Perthshire was in fact acquired by Lalique in 2019.


There are four whiskies in the new range of Glenturret:

  • Triple Wood
  • Peat Smoked 10 years old
  • 12 years old
  • 15 years old

All new expressions will be available for sale from September 17 and the bottles are inspired by Lalique with a very distinctive rectangular design. The box and the classic typography are highlighted by an azure blue color, an emblem color of the Murray family coat of arms, founders of the distillery.

Following the acquisition of the French luxury group Lalique in 2019, the tradition of craftsmanship will continue within the distillery, according to John Laure, CEO of The Glenturret. “We produce small quantities of the best single malts by hand and with our hearts“.

Whisky maker Bob Dalgarno, who joined the distillery, said: “I saw Glenturret as a great opportunity to work alongside an experienced team who influence the creation of the distillery as only they know how. On top of this, there was the challenging side of creating a new range of whiskies with different barrel profiles and character. Building on previous experiences and having the freedom to influence and develop, respecting the story while writing new chapters was a perfect fit“.


The New Range The Glenturret – Tasting notes

We had the opportunity to taste the new range of single malt whiskies exclusive to The Glenturret.

Each expression will be perfectly adapted to the demands of the different palates that will be tasted.

It is worth noting that on this occasion, for the maturation of the whiskies, The Glenturret resorted more than ever to the use of oak barrels of European origin together with American oak barrels.

Through a conference, the master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno guided us in the tasting to discover the tasting notes of each whisky.


Triple Wood

This whisky is an introduction to the world of Glenturret. It is perfect for those who are looking to enter the distillery range or malt whisky in general.

-Aged in American and European oak sherry barrels and Bourbon barrels.

-Sweet fruit and caramel are mixed with ginger and vanilla cake.

-The aged oak and light spices attend the wedding with interest as spectators.

-Bottled at 43%. Natural color.


Peat Smoked 10 years

Glenturret Smoked Peat 10 years, a whisky that remains faithful to the past of the distillery.

-Peat shell smoke.

-Fresh citrus, vanilla and spices stand out from the embers with hints of sea salt and burns. We feel a texture that envelops the mouth and a touch of menthol that cleanses the palate.

-Bottled at 50%. Natural color. Not cold filtered.


Glenturret 12 years old

The heart of the range

-A rich flavor of fruit cake with nuts.

-Balance of sweet apple, ginger and lemon tea, while European Oak results in a subtle variation in the desired barrel crust.

-Bottled at 46%. Natural color. Not cold filtered.


Glenturret 15 years old

The mastery of wood

-The acidity of the lemon peel is balanced by the caramelized apple, spices and
tempered oak.

-The roughness of the barrel can also be felt.

-Bottling at 55%. Natural color and not cold filtered.

To obtain the whiskies of the new range of The Glenturret, please refer to your winemaker.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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