marché bières artisanales

A recent study describes the prospects for artisanal beer in France by 2020, demonstrating a prosperous future and development, and possibly weighing 440 000 000 euros to the market.

The independent institute of studies Xerfi, carried out a study on the prospects of artisanal beer in France, and among its main points stands out a progress in sales of double, between 2016 until now and towards 2020. Good news for the 1400 breweries, half of which have barely emerged in the last five years. In the first two months of the year, beer sales in France increased by 3.6% in volume and by 8.2% in value, all brands combined.

However, the main competitors are still the industrial brewers, not only French but also international.

This is not an obstacle however, for the French artisanal brewers the market is thriving and that is due in part to a large DIY movement or -Do it yourself- and a feature that differentiates them from the common. They do not focus on the color of the beer, as commonly spoken but on blondes or blacks, but on their styles. Sour blondes, fruity blondes…  Some of them are in Paris, like La Goutte d’Or, Deck & Donahue, Bap Bap, La Parisienne or Frog Beer.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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