A shortage of Irish whiskey is expected soon, according to information provided by industry experts such as John Teeling, who stated in an interview with the Irish Times that this will happen in the coming years due to the growing global demand of the liquor. According to Global News.

Indeed, according to The Times, whiskey sales are up 10%. In fact, the number of distilleries has increased from four to 18, explained a spokesman for the Irish Whiskey Association. In spite of this prosperous growth in the whiskey industry and, consequently, the shortage, the new distilleries on the market will be able to ensure a supply of liquor over time.


The Japanese whiskey market is also in short supply

The Japanese whiskey industry is also facing this problem. In recent months we have been informed about the shortage in sales of Japanese Suntory whisky, which has been forced to ration the delivery of Hibiki whisky 17 years and Hakushu 12 years, because of the strong demand for this liquor by consumers of whisky, mainly Japanese.


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