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Evel Pie is boycotting Russian vodka and replenishing its stock with spirits from Ukraine.

As Russia launched what appears to be a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine this week, a Las Vegas restaurant has decided to release its own shots.

Evel Pie in downtown Las Vegas is boycotting Russian vodka and replenishing its stock with spirits from Ukraine.

Starting Saturday, the Evel Knievel-themed venue, located at 508 E. Fremont St., will sell $5 shots of “F@ck Putin,” with 100% of the proceeds going to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

In addition, the bar staff will serve the remainder of its Russian vodka when it opens its doors at 11 a.m. Saturday, said managing partner Branden Powers.

Powers is calling on bar owners around the world to follow suit in expressing solidarity on behalf of the restaurant industry.

“Our goal, first and foremost, is to help the Ukrainian people,” Powers said. “Secondly, to try to make it less about the good Russian people and Russian citizens who are obviously a big part of our community here in Las Vegas, but to focus on Putin and see if there’s a way for the international community and businesses and bars and restaurants and do something that could send a message.”

As for which specific entities will receive the proceeds, Powers and the bar’s co-owners settled on the International Committee of the Red Cross, he said. But if they are able to find a Ukraine-based charity, they will look into donating funds there as well.

“We’re trying to find orphanages or children’s homes or charities or things like that so that the money we collect gets into the right hands and to the Ukrainian people,” Powers said.

Instead of the Russian brands they had in stock, Evel Pie will serve Nemiroff’s honey-pepper flavored vodka, Powers said. The brand was created in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union, but its production dates back to 1872, according to its website.

“It’s really smooth and flavorful,” Powers said, adding that the property will look into serving other flavors and other Ukrainian spirits in the coming weeks. “We will continue to offer it as long as there is a need, and as long as Putin illegally occupies Ukraine.”

Until then, Powers – who also co-owns Golden Tiki near Spring Mountain Road and Valley View Boulevard – hopes other restaurateurs will follow suit and try to send a message, one shot at a time.

“He has no place in the world we live in,” Powers said of Putin’s aggression. “So he has to go. Russian soldiers have to lay down their arms and stand down.”

“I mean, I’m just a pizza guy. I’m not here to give military advice, but the whole thing is ridiculous.”

Source: lasvegassun.com


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