Since 2002, Tales of The Cocktail welcomes every year spectators to offer a week of seminars on new ideas and products to run a sustainable and equitable business. Caroline Rosen, executive director since 2017, emphasizes this purpose thanks to her sense on recognizing hospitality.

Framed in Lizzy Saxe’s Forbes page, Caroline Rosen presents herself as a passionate advocate of hotel workers, and food of course. Since taking the reins of Tales of The Cocktail in 2017, Rosen has pursued this purpose more emphatically. “The whole mission is to educate, advance and support the members of the worldwide hospitality community, as well as the host cities that have us for our events.”

In 2018 alone, it raised $200,000. Eleven organizations would receive $250,000 to educate, promote and support the global spirit community.

The edition of Tales that happened after Katrina was really one of those moments when the city came together and felt alive. We had all these different people from all over the world coming to support us.

Tales of The Cocktail is more than an exhibition to discover novelties and award prizes. A movement that does not cease to contribute to communities, from cleaning up cities to worrying about people’s mental health. Seminars and workshops against sexual harassment will in fact be on the menu of this 2019 edition of Tales of the Cocktail which will be held from 16 to 21 July.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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