Jen Batchelor decided to create a non-alcoholic drink for her generation, a healthier and more fun way of life. Read more here.

Jen Batchelor has also felt attacked by stress. That’s why in 2016 when she didn’t find a supplement to relieve her stress she decided to create her own relief. A different product: that drink that makes you feel good without the consequences of alcohol. Like many in her generation, Jen was not alone in her idea.

She turned to notrópics, which are herbs and synthetic compounds that offer enhanced cognitive benefits. Together with Matthew Cauble (Soylent), they created a line of non-alcoholic beverages called Kin, which allows us to focus, calm down, and encourage creativity. The drinks are floral and herbal.

Among other ideas, Batchelor also hopes to create a new category for bars, called “Euphorics. Today, the millennial generation says they want to drink less alcohol for health reasons, according to Nielsen. Increasingly, people are concerned about their health and well-being, and non-alcoholic cocktails and non-spirits are appearing more frequently on U.S. bar menus. Between 2015 and 2019 this sector increased by 46%, according to Mintel.

KIN is created from a stack of balancing adaptogens (herbs that help manage stress), replenishing nootropics (compounds that support cognition) and nutritive botanicals and does not contain alcohol in any form. With KIN it is possible to create cocktail recipes.

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