Margot Lecarpentier, 31 years old, is a bartender and manager of her own cocktail bar: Combat, rue de Belleville in Paris. Here are her three favorite rums, and the best for her.


About Margot

Margot Lecarpentier imposes herself in a very masculine environment and claims to be more entrepreneurial than bartender. She grew up in Normandy, in the middle of the countryside where she was bored and already had a passion for gastronomy. She studied music and then as a lawyer. Margot will then do an internship in New-York, where she will discover the world of mixology. Back in Paris, she worked as a waitress for 3 years at the Experimental.

In 2018, she launches into the adventure by creating her own bar with a friend from New-York, Elena Schmitt. They named it “Combat”, reflecting the struggle of women and the difficulties encountered by the duo to impose themselves in a very masculine world: dozens of refusals from banks as well as macho reflections. Last November, Combat was named best author’s bar 2018 by the guide Le Fooding. Congratulations Margot, a successful gamble!


Margot Lecarpentier’s three favourite rums

Clairin Casimir

Sharper than expected from the nose, with Granny Smith apples, lime zest and bitter pith exploding on the palate. Behind that lies lots of herbal bitterness and a balancing fruity sweetness – pine needles and green leaves with a background of fruit chews, boiled sweets and roasted bananas.


Hampden overproof

Intense fruit: pineapple, apple, pear, mango and papaya stewed down into a thick jam. Clove and cinnamon notes build, with buttery pastry and darker notes of liquorice. There’s a gentle hint of coal smoke hiding at the bottom.



Vanilla pod, custard and fresh tropical fruit with some vegetal elements lead. Sticky molasses, banana and a little creamy nuttiness develop.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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