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To support his colleagues selling beer, Simon, manager of the V and B Compans-Caffarelli markets the Jerk Barrel beer.

The beer lovers of the French city of Toulouse, will have something to delight their palate with the arrival of the Jerk Barrel. But the Jerk Barrel has a reason to be, besides refreshing the taste buds of beer lovers.

This new beer made in the Occitanie region, aims to help the bars in difficulties. In France, bars are closed since several months because of the coronavirus. For each beer sold, 50 cents will go to an association supporting the brewery businesses affected.

Simon, manager of the V and B store, spoke about this initiative. “I’m lucky that my store stays open during this complicated period so it was important that this beer was also part of the context we are going through“.

The Jerk Barrel is a creation of the Montalban-based brewery Iron. It is a Brett Saison style beer, blonde, smooth, fine and with the right hint of acidity to create the right balance. Made with French hops, it is fresh and reasonably bitter. “The French hops used explode freshness over a nice bitterness. The Jamaican rum barrel aging comes in to reveal rich, vanilla ester notes. The whole thing took place with the Montalban brewery Iron,” Simon says. And his Jamaican influences are the source of the name, inspired by the jerk, the Jamaican dish made with spicy chicken.

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Photo: Jerk Barrel by OctoBière

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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