"Outstanding" grape harvest for New Zealand despite covid-19

This is excellent news for New Zealand winegrowers in the middle of Covid-19, who described the 2020 harvest as “outstanding”.

New Zealand’s exceptional 2020 harvest produced 457 000 tonnes of grapes. Although this is a lower than expected yield, it is expected to produce exceptional wines.

During the containment, there were difficulties in growing, including government restrictions. However, the government described this activity as “essential” to the industry. The winegrowers were able to work their crops, although harder to adapt to the restrictions.

Throughout the confinement, our priority was to ensure the safety of our people and our communities”. Said Philip Gregan, NZW’s CEO and continued. “The fact that the harvest was completed in complete safety shows that our industry has met the challenges of complying with the strict requirements of Covid-19″.

In addition, through a press release, New Zealand Wine informed that the country and the United Kingdom will begin negotiations for a high-quality, broad and inclusive agreement. “This is a great opportunity for both countries,” says Jeffrey Clarke, Director General of Advocacy & General Counsel for New Zealand Wine Producers.


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