Pink Gin Tinkture: the new way to taste gin

Who and What is Tinkture?

The entrepreneurial spirit of Hannah and Sam Lamiroy led them to create what is known now as the world’s first organic ginger drink.

Everything started when Hannah decided to pay more attention to the food and drinks she consumed when going out. It was evidently easier to watch out for the eatable products. The real problem were the drinks she had during a night out. Can we really pay attention to that? Well, continue reading and you’ll see how Hanna has demonstrated we can. This is how the Tinkture is born.

A 100% organic drink

The Pink Gin is an organic drink manufactured with the finest roses. It is the solution for a conscious and responsible alcohol consumption for a night out. It is distilled on the Cornish Coast by hand in copper pot stills.

A unique pink color

This rose hand crafted gin is also known as the most beautiful gin in the world. Its colors can change from golden to a light pinkish shade when it is mixed with tonic. But this nickname has not been given to it only because of its principal ingredient, the rose, its design is also something that has made this product stand out.

Beautiful design

It was compulsory to represent this incredible product with an original design. This is why the Cornish Spring manufacturer, the European Springs & Pressings, decided to be responsible for their image and packaging design, which lead to exceptional results. The Pink Gin is represented with a beautiful and unique looking bottle top.

Hanna’s great idea has now spread all around the bars of the United Kingdom and we can thank her family business for revolutionizing this new way to consume alcohol.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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