Glenmorangie, the Scottish company based in Tain, has teamed up with Maine’s Grain Surfboards for its third collaboration with ” Beyond the Cask ” to create a limited series of surfboards.

This distillery provides for the manufacture of these handcrafted boards, barrels made from oaks coming from Ozark and only used twice to age its single malt: The Original. This justifies the recourse to a program like ‘’Beyond the Cask’’ to give them a second life.

The boards, however, are not entirely made with wooden barrels. Only the frame, the tailback, the center and the back panels are made of wood recovered from barrels; the rest is constructed from the typical northern white cedar Grain, grown in Maine. Result: very light but very solidboards.

Glenmorangie surfboards are available on grainsurfboards.comand require a $ 2,000 advance deposit on the full $5,500 price tag. They can be shipped to the United States and most of the countries of the European Union.



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