After several years directing some of Madrid’s most successful projects (the bars of the Oscar Room Mate and the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes), Igor Montero has just presented his heart-felt project, a circus-themed cocktail bar, installed in a concert hall where he used to go in his younger years. The San Mateo Circus presents a menu of signature cocktails with a focus on sustainability, and tapas advised by the team of the Galician-Peruvian restaurant Navajo. We spoke with the co-founder and director of San Mateo Circus.

What does recovering this room mean to you?

San Mateo Circus (the old and mythical San Mateo 6) was for several decades the best leisure option for generations of Madrid. That’s why by relaunching the bar that saw us grow, we think that more than a bar, we have awakened “An emotional revolution”.

What will we find in this new version?

Our business model is a multispace, which develops events during the week and is oriented to the cocktail club on weekends. We have a license that allows us to have a DJ and a fairly large space where we can divide several moments of consumption, an area of sofas where you can enjoy a snack and cocktail bar 8 meters, an area of tables on a stage for bottles or cocktails, and a mini dance floor.

How do you see the current Madrid scene?

I think there is a moment of transition of generation of consumers: neither the consumption habits are the same nor the concept of expense is the same. In addition there are the trends of a healthy life that increasingly limits nightlife and reduces alcohol consumption. Fortunately, we still have a lot of tourism and we have to consider strategies to attract tourism to the bar.

A cocktail?

Antoniette Concello

  • Tanqueray Ten
    Salted apricot syrup
    Lemon juice
    Egg whites

It is a cocktail inspired by one of the most important trapeze artists in the history of the circus. It is light and fruity but voluminous. Volume and dynamism are attributes that reflect the movement of a circus set, a dance floor or a cocktail bar.

San Mateo Circus Madrid

Calle San Mateo 6 28004 Madrid


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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