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Saturday evening, Charlottesville celebrated a special event, the opening of the first Commonwealth sake brewery, the « North American Sake Brewery ». As expected, this generated a lot of enthusiasm among the population who travelled to attend the inauguration and to take advantage of the various activities on the program. The relevant brewery is located in the IX Art Park, the Charlottesville art centre, at the same time ideally located to attract spirits lovers.

In addition, this official opening was an opportunity for visitors to participate in tasting sessions of the different types of sake produced by the brewery. Gourmets also had the satisfaction of tasting a cuisine mixing American and Japanese flavours. Jeremy Goldstein and Andrew Centofante, the co-founders of the establishment, are the main actors of this event. They wanted to present to the public a drink whose popularity continues to grow and which can be drunk warm or cold.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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