UK flavored gin sales reach $705 million (£500 million) for the first time according to the WSTA.

The Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) reported that sales of flavored gin in the UK topped £500 million ($705 million) for the first time. This means that Britons bought 30 million bottles of flavored gin, increasing sales by 37% in the last 12 months.

In the UK, flavored gins account for approximately 40% of the entire gin market by both volume and value, according to the WSTA. Moreover, their market share is predicted to continue to grow.

On the other hand, off-trade gin sales grew 30% to £1.3 billion ($1.8 billion) over a year to March 27, 2021. The bottle equivalent is 80 million. However, on-trade sales continued to suffer significant declines. Sales in this channel fell 60% in both volume and value as the spaces were closed for almost 12 months. Sales reached just $2.8 million in the year to March 27.

WSTA executive director Miles Beale weighed in:

Our latest gin figures underline that reports of gin’s demise as the ‘go-to’ spirit are misguided. Despite the on-trade representing the ‘shop window’ for many of our great British distillers, and an ideal place for Brits to try new and exciting drinks, the closure of the on-trade has not dampened our enthusiasm for enjoying the wide variety of gins now on the market.

Gin sales have never been higher in our stores and supermarkets, but this is encouraging news for our resurgent on-trade sector too: some of these sales will surely be passed on to pubs, bars and restaurants.

The WSTA is calling on the UK to avoid raising taxes on spirits.


English distilleries have tripled since 2016

Separately the WSTA announced that the total number of registered distilleries in the UK increased to more than 560 last year. In 2019, 440 distilleries were registered. In England these have almost tripled since 2016. For the first time there are 300, with 311 registered in 2020.

Scotland also saw an increase in distilleries with 214 as of today and Wales and Northern Ireland recorded increases as well.




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