Swiss fruit and brandies now have their museum in the Jura

The Swiss Museum of Fruit and Distillation will be opened this weekend in the middle of hundreds of fruit trees on the heights of Porrentruy. The investment, financed by private and public funds, amounts to CHF 4 million. Just that !

We expect 15,000 visitors a year, not to overwhelm them with scientific and historical knowledge, no they will be amazed by a range of multi-sensory activities.

“This site goes far beyond the regional museum created 30 years ago to display the stills of the former Federal Alcohol Board,” explains Pierre Schaller, president of the institution’s Foundation. It is a national interpretation centre that covers all aspects of fruit growing and processing.”

Allow 2 hours to retrace the path of a brandy, syrup or jam from the flowering of the orchards to the consumer’s palate! There is even a barn full of fruit waiting for you to shed light on the cultivation and processing of the five main fruits grown in Switzerland: Valais apricot, Fribourg pear, Zug cherry, apple and damaskin.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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