Night falls, and unlike the belle époque, Pigalle turns on his neon lights to jingle the cocktail glasses of the bars of Pigalle district.

The magic of the belle époque still lives among the nine, seventeen and eighteen districts of Paris. Pigalle is home to the Moulin Rouge and Les Folies Bergères, two incontestable places of the time that animated an entire generation with beautiful glasses and women.

There was a time, however, when crime and filth invaded the streets of Pigalle, despite the fashion of the district, and although this was partly resolved, many elderly inhabitants of Pigalle yearn for a time when it seemed more lively and less “varied”. More bars and more music. For them, today the area is “dead”.

We can not avoid however to mention that nowadays, it is the turn of the bars Dirty Dick, Bar Glass, Dr Lupin, Lulu White, the bar of the Grand Hôtel Pigalle or Bonnie and Clyde to animate part of Pigalle, in the Rue Frochot and the Rue Victor Massé. We owe good competitions, good cocktails and a good representation of the French – and international bartenders who make residence – to them and many other bars of the capital.

Nostalgia and fashion go hand in hand, if we bring an evolution to this scene, everything will be for the best.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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