The most instagrammed cocktail pictures

Colorful, beautiful, appetizing. We can’t stop ourselves from taking a picture of our delicious cocktail and posting it on Instagram.

The following cocktails have the most photos, or postings, on the Instagram social network. A network characterized by showing the most beautiful pictures we can take with our cell phone deserves some good cocktail pictures.

Here are 10 of the most “instagrammed” cocktails.


Mojito: 4,595,934 publications #mojito


Sangría: 3,137,584 publications #sangria


Gin Tonic: 2,175,515 publications #gintonic


Piña Colada: 1.764.009 mentions #piñacolada


Bloody Mary: 1.751.434 mentions #bloodymary


Aperol Spritz: 1.442.207 mentions #aperolspritz


Michelada: 1.282.453 mentions #michelada


Caipirinha: 1.248.197 mentions #caipirinha


Moscow Mule: 782.388 mentions #moscowmule


Negroni: 772.460 mentions #negroni


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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