With the aim of transmitting the passion and knowledge of the humans who elaborate the leading French Spirit every day, makes its web showcase a pedagogical and visual space.

Thus, setting high the values of the Cognac appellation. Among them: authenticity, generosity, and concern for detail and beauty.

The official website of the Cognac appellation has a new image and is online since October 25th. The website shows the authenticity of the spirit, and the diversity and human and cultural dimension of a subsidiary. Today, it counts nearly 4300 winegrowers, 110 professional distillers and 270 merchants.

A rich visual experience illustrates a communication based on promise and know-how. In addition, it anchors the cognac in its producing region reaffirming its position at the highest premium level. Besides, the new site highlights the expertise and commitment of an entire subsidiary.

The first thing that I appreciate is the ergonomics, its ease of use adapted for mobile phones, tablets and computers. The second is clarity, with factual information, figures and information on cognac production. And finally I am delighted to discover the different professions in the sector, coopers, winegrowers… because they are part of the great success of the appellation. Long live Cognac!” Laurie Matheson, spirits and wine expert at Artcurial.

Francois Monti, also took his time to express his point of view. “It is a modern, visual and clear site, at the height of the appellation – finally! Also, the engagement tab is more than welcome at this time. Lift your eyes from the immediate work to scan the horizon: very good. Finally, the site involves all cognac sectors and is open to both consumers and professionals.”

Aside from being available in French and English, from now on, Chinese or other users located in the Asian country will be able to enjoy the experience thanks to its insertion in the BNIC’s Wechat application in China.

Enjoy the new website:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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