"The profession of bartender must evolve", according to Yoann Demeersseman

Yoan Demeersseman, in a recent interview with Business & Marchés, expressed his ideas about the profession of bartender and that it “must evolve“.

As a teacher and consultant for bar, spirits and catering professionals, Yoann Demeersseman participated in the creation of the world’s first professional bartender qualification certificate (CQP). Towards 2010 after realizing that there was a real profession in this world, when creating “liquid cuisine”. Finally the profession is recognized in the United States, and England.

Yoann also adds that the cocktail renaissance has played a big role in the development of this industry. Professional bartenders are increasingly present in bars, with a dedicated and sophisticated cocktail station. There is even an actual mise en place and quality spirits.

To provide a real training offer, Yoann relies on the creation of digital methods and go further in teaching the profession of bartender. In addition, he stresses that there is more to making a cocktail, “You learn to make a cocktail, but you also have to be in the service relationship. There is also a need for additional training, depending on your level (the junior bartender, the bartender, and the senior bartender in some London bars, for example).

Yoann Demeersseman has published Mon cours de cocktails (Dunod, 2018), a manual that presents both recipes and equipment needed for bartending; he has contributed to Rumporter and of course to the formation of the CQP Barman.


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