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The director of Ten Locks, a handcrafted spirits brand, found the upside of confinement boosted creativity. Read more here.

For Becky Davies, one of the positive sides of confinement has been the creativity that blossomed from the craft spirits producers. She recently spoke to The Drinks Business about this fact.

We’re starting to see the fruits of that now,” she said. “Confinement gave small producers the opportunity to take a break and think about how to use the equipment they invested in to make different liquids and products. So I’m ready to see incredible innovations come out of this strange year. The innovation we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Ten Locks is a new company created in September based in Manchester and established by Kingsland Drinks, which focuses on both premium on-trade and off-trade, which, according to Davies, is “the best approach for the current climate“.

We are not blind to the fact that the hospitality trade is suffering. We will do everything we can to support and help our customers in any way we can.”

But there is still a huge demand for quality and premium products. Now more than ever we have to make sure that our offer not only proves authenticity and purpose. But it also makes business sense; as such, we have created a portfolio that tries to add genuine value to our customers,” explained Davies.

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to diversify. To ensure that their products are available in multiple sectors. And on the other hand, it is important that both trade and commerce offer a range of products that differentiate themselves from one another, looking for brands that are both premium and authentic,” Davies tells db. “I have worked for a long time in the domestic consumer trade, so I know what customers are looking for within this sector“.


Developing brands with purpose

Our main objective is to develop a portfolio of brands with a purpose that appeals to the ever-growing conscious consumer. The brands will strive to achieve positive change, be it social, environmental or economic,” says Davies, adding, “It feels good to help small producers in these turbulent times, and we believe consumers want to do that as well.”

Davies argues that after the covid, further trade is likely to present a different picture.


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