Discover the XAU® vodka packaging, a material illustration of the evolution of the packing technology in the spirits sector.

A premium vodka 100% handmade produced in the French region of Burgundy. XAU®, is a sample of evolution in packaging technology.

The XAU® vodka project was presented by Sergio Diovisalvi and Cédric Cornélissens. Both were looking for the latest technology to develop the closure system that packs the vodka. For this, they had Protolabs and the Comate design office.


XAU® vodka packaging

A bottle made by a master glassmaker and covered with 24k gold. Unpublished, its design is similar to a gold ingot. Without a doubt: the name XAU corresponds to the code of the ounce of gold on the stock market. Its creators then relied on these characteristics for an exceptional product, combining luxury and versatility.

XAU® Protolabs

To add the touch of versatility to the bottle of this precious nectar, Diovisalvi and Cornélissens appealed to the expertise of Protolabs and Comate. Their request being quite precise, as the Protolabs website reports: ‘design an insert housed in the cap to ensure connection with the second part of the bottle, with the right amount of force required for the opening: neither too much nor too little.’

Between Protolabs and Comate, they managed to create the design of this product in just three days. Protolabs called for collaboration with Comate, who specialize in 3D design. After three weeks, the first series of 15 bottles was ready. The vodka is now only available for targeted test sell.


A premium French vodka created in Burgundy

XAU® is a French vodka 100% handmade in the Burgundy region by Sergio Diovisalvi and Cédric Cornélissens. One of the best French wheat and pure water from the mountain range of Les Vosges is in this vodka. Furthermore, its distillation process includes the fivefold distillation ensuring maximum filtration. Then, it rests in oak barrels. This brings the vodka its golden color and an unparalleled taste: citrus notes + toast.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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