Every February 8th, the two-week Quebec Winter Carnival takes place in this northern Canadian city where temperatures can be as low as -20 degrees.

However, the cold weather is no excuse to skip the fun. All locals and tourists get ready with their warmest clothes to celebrate outdoors with of course… a Caribou, the Quebecois’ most traditional wine.

Whether it’s a Caribou or an ice cider, it takes courage to hold a drink outdoors in one of the coldest cities of North America, especially if your glass is made of ice.

In Quebec, ice glasses and ice shots are very common “utensils” you will find during the cold season. Besides being something that attracts tourism, it is also an activity Canadians like to enjoy when the winter comes.

You can basically try any type of drink in an ice shot glass, but if you want to get even more emerged into the culture, there is nothing more Canadian than a maple syrup liquor or wine.

If next time you visit Quebec it is winter (or even spring), now you know what to do; take an ice shot!



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly. 


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