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What’s next after the Covid-19 crisis? In an article in Business & Marchés, Franck Stassi refers to the bar industry in France.

The global pandemic crisis we are going through has affected a number of bars and restaurants that that consequently have had to close. In France, Franck Stassi exposes the current situation of the workers in this industry.They question the state of their cash flow, they remind us of the need to speak with one voice, and they want to prepare for the restart.

However, professionals in the bar and restaurant sector are aware that the current priority is to preserve the hospital system. And also, to mobilize collectively for the health of all.

With the closure of schools, non-essential businesses, and the general confinement of cafes, hotels, bars and restaurants, their activity is decreasing. In general, the events sector and beverage producers and distributors in France – and the world – were affected.

But confinement is not everything. Other developments since December 2019 and January 2020 have begun to affect business in this sector. That is, the yellow vest strikes and the transport strike.

Despite certain measures taken by the government to support the crisis of the professionals, many are asking for a better classification of the current measures. For example, measures to close down establishments that are classified as “natural health disasters”. This would allow compensation for such closures.

The chef of the restaurant L’ami Jean in Paris, Stéphane Jégo, created a petition on 17 March. This petition aims to support the initiative to classify the closures as a “natural health disaster”. The petition has already been signed by over 120 000 people.


The current crisis does not have a definite closure date. However, we still need to think about what will happen next.

“Everything is waiting for final dates for the end of containment, everything is waiting. Our profession is trying to make administrative procedures (…) Events, the beverage industry and bartenders will have to be organized. We are waiting for a key date to restart, we will have to renovate the establishments, put the bar-restaurants in place as a priority (…) Says Jérome Vallanet, from FormaBar structure, who accompanies the professionals of the sector, in organization, education and marketing.

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