A new type of drink based on sake and tapioca has been created by the Kikusui brewing company. Discover it here.

This drink enters into the category of the famous bubble tea, which has a wide spectrum of flavors. And to extend the range, comes Tapioca Milk Tea Sake, created by Kikusui, a sake producer.

The drink made from tapioca milk tea, of course, has alcohol, sake, although in a slight proportion that ranges between 5 and 6%.

The first thing you feel when you open the bottle is the aroma of milk tea, and when you taste it, it is the presence of sake. According to a journalist from soranews24.com, you can appreciate a flavor similar to raisin rum, although the aftertaste is of sake.

There is also a version based on coffee with milk.

Tapioca Milk Tea Sake is available online, and at the Don Quixote store in Japan. We hope to see the drink abroad soon!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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