Vermouth Guérin: a French newcomer, by François Monti

France may be with Italy one of the two historical countries of vermouth, France is lagging behind while this traditional aperitif is rising from the ashes everywhere.

The appearance of a new brand is therefore excellent news.

The two expressions of Vermouth Guérin were launched at the beginning of June 2018. One is a white vermouth, and the other is red. Guérin being first of all a producer of Pineau des Charentes, this one enters the composition of the two vermouths. Pineau is blended with white wine in the first case and red wine in the second. The whole is then matured in barrels of cognac.

After Maison Villevert with La Quintinye, this is the second brand to launch a vermouth based (at least partially) on Pineau des Charentes. Two traditional aperitifs united, therefore, for a very French experience, to discover pure or in cocktail.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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