France. Bastien Demnard presents chapter 4 of Cellar Book from La Maison Du Whisky

Bastien Demnard of La Maison Du Whisky, Paris, presents the new catalogue Création 2018, the Cellar Book.

Especially for this occasion, distilleries produced and bottled exceptional spirits exclusively for La Maison Du Whisky, which you will find on the right pages of the Cellar Book. Mainly whisky, but also rum, cognac, calvados, armagnac, gin and mezcal are featured in the catalogue.

For this fourth 4/4 video, Bastien stops at chapter 4, ” Les 70 ans de Vélier “. La Maison Vélier is to Italy what La Maison Du Whisky is to France. On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, a catalogue of 70 products specially bottled for the home was published. To honour Vélier, we find in the Cellar Book the Four Daughters range, composed of 4 bottles, 4 vintages corresponding to the birth years of the daughters of Lucas Gargano, the purchaser of Vélier in 1983. To be found on page 162 of the Cellar Book.

Founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah, La Maison du Whisky is one of France’s leading specialists in the import and distribution of rare whiskies. A true reference whose dynamism has largely contributed to the development of the French high-end whisky market and, now, that of fine spirits.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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