chocolatier patissier jean paul hévin

Chocolate craftsman and pastry chef, Jean-Paul Hévin has two passions: chocolate and whisky and especially Japanese whisky: Hibiki.

This whisky was created by the Japanese for the Japanese. They have selected the whiskies from each distillery to elaborate Hibiki. The quintessence of each whisky, multiplied at each stage of production to create a subtle, refined eau de vie. It is this harmony that characterizes Hibiki so well.

While savouring this whisky,” says Jean-Paul Hévin, “I was seduced by the spicy, sweet note that could perfectly harmonize with chocolate cake.” Indeed, this very fine and slightly iodized taste pairs well with the taste of the cocoa bean. How can this perfect harmony be achieved? Jean-Paul Hévin created his famous Hibiki chocolate cake to answer this question.

His aim was to “find the taste of whisky through the cake“. This cake is composed in the upper part of a first light milk chocolate mousse with the cocoa bean macerated in milk. The bottom part of the cake is made of a more powerful dark chocolate mousse. And finally, a crispy, shortbread with cocoa bean with a hint of praline. And between these different layers of mousse, a Hibiki whisky biscuit. The Hibiki cake Limited Edition can therefore be enjoyed alone. Or even better by savouring before each bite, a little Hibiki that will enhance the chocolate. In short, the perfect match!

Jean-Paul Hévin


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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