Studies have shown that whisky has health benefits, but it’s all in the dose, of course!

Always remember that alcohol is a neurotoxic. Consumed in large quantities, it can produce the opposite effect to that desired, that is, destroy the brain and liver as well. (Read our advice on how to treat your liver well).

Moreover, even according to researchers, the antioxidants contained in whisky can also prolong life. Finally, and grandmothers knew it very well, one can fight small everyday diseases such as flu or grogwith a grog. And our grandmothers’ grog was made with a little whisky, lemon juice and hot water. For non-diabetics, a spoonful of honey is excellent for multiplying tenfold the effects of the same grog. In fact, the effects of whisky, which have been known for a long time, are beneficial. BUT only if the product is consumed at the right time.

So you can enjoy from time to time drinking a good quality whisky. In fact, alcohol is like anything else. As soon as you overindulge, the habit becomes harmful.


Alcohol consumption and legislation

The current French legislation, to give an example, obliges us, whenever we refer to alcohol, to remember that it must be consumed in moderation. It is the same case in many countries of the world, if not all. However, it is necessary to know that whisky in very small doses is good for health and we must recommend it responsibly.


OK, but what is whisky and what are its components?

The first thing to know is that it is a grain alcohol. This means that it has a very low sugar content. Of course, this does not mean that you have to drink whisky to control your diabetes. It is simply the alcohol that will do the least harm. In fact, drinking whisky in very small doses is a valuable partner for the digestive system and it is a traffic-regulating alcohol. On the other hand, it is necessary to know that whisky has another advantage: it is very rich in antioxidant *polyphenols.

This drink helps fight the growth of cancer cells. It can even reduce their growth. Of course, as long as we talk about a small dose of whiskey and not the whole bottle. With whisky it is all about moderation. A little whiskey every now and then can also prevent serious forms of Alzheimer’s disease. This also does not mean that you should build a routine around whiskey. Keep in mind that you can always enjoy it in a tasting session, whether it is next to a meal or at a gathering of friends or family. The important thing is to appreciate the art of tasting and not to fall into excesses.


*What are the effects of polyphenols on health?

Flavonoids are known for their protection against cardiovascular diseases. They protect lipoproteins from oxidation and anthocyanins or anthocyanins seem to have a particular action against hypertension. Hypertension is the result of an imbalance between vessel dilators, nitric oxide (NO) and constricting factors that constrict the vessels, such as angiotensin.

Herbal polyphenol treatments have been shown to have a beneficial role in preventing hypertension. Polyphenols increase the production of NO, glutathione, and inhibit enzymes that produce ROS. These metabolic pathways improve endothelial function and vascular tone, resulting in an overall hypotensive outcome.

It is estimated that the average total consumption of polyphenols from food and beverages is in the order of 1 g per person per day. One study reports that among the French, fruits and vegetables provide about 28% of the polyphenols in the diet. Coffee, tea, wine and fruit juices are the other main sources.

In fruits and vegetables, fruits alone provide more than 60% of polyphenols. While almost 50% of these same polyphenols are provided by only two foods: apples and potatoes.

This is a typically French behavior, since in the United States the main sources of polyphenols in fruits and vegetables are provided by bananas and tomatoes, which represent 25% of the total amount.


In summary…

Now, knowing this, do not create habits around an alcohol alone because, although they bring health benefits, creating habits over consumption of alcohol is not really healthy. As we mentioned before, creating habits and exaggerating with any food, drink, custom is harmful to health.

Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with exercise, enjoying what you like to do and eating foods that are good for you.

So appreciate your moments of tasting either in a bar, in a tasting class, during an important meal or because you are a whisky lover who needs to taste it for professional reasons.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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