The contest is already on its fourth week starting today, and from today we are proud to present the ten winning bartenders of the third week of our “Confinement Bartender Contest”!

Spirits Hunters launched a contest to help bartenders from all over the world during confinement, the “Confinement Bartender Contest”.

Each week we choose 10 winners, and we will present 2 per day on our website and our social networks, Instagram (@spiritshunters_mag),  and Facebook. You can also find information on our Twitter account (@spiritshunters).

You can check the winners of the first week here and the winners of the second week here. We are happy to receive videos from all over the world. Every week contestants from every corner of the planet are sending videos and we couldn’t be happier. We want to thank and congratulate all bartenders for their effort and dedication.

To all participants: Don’t be discouraged! As your video might appear as a winner in a new week of contest and you will be participating for the grand prize as well!


It is time to reveal the winners of our third week of contest

Day 5 – Week 3

For our final winning contestants of the third week we are happy to reward Andrew Korolev from Russia and Nadir Kuchkarov from Ukraine! for their confinement cocktail tutorials!


Andrew KOROLEV – Russia – Okean Hall

Cocktail: Home Russian

3 cl vanilla vodka

3 cl liquid cream

1 portion of espresso

2 spoons of sugar

Garnish: dehydrated raspberry

Method: build

Glass: tumbler


Nadir Kuchkarov – Ukraine – True Burger Bar

Cocktail: Fearless Gimlet

50ml Vodka

50ml Nettle cordial*

Method: Stir

Glass: Cocktail

Garnish: Nettle leaves

For the Nettle cordial:

20g fresh Nettle leaves

300ml water

50g white sugar

5g lemon acid

Preparation: Blend all together, fine strain and filter with the paper towels.



Day 4 – Week 3

For our seventh and eighth announcements of week three we are proud to congratulate two bartenders from two new countries! Dark Mugwagwa from South Africa and Dumitrache ANDREI-CODRUT from Romania for their confinement cocktails!


Dark Mugwagwa – Kloof Street House

Cocktail: Tree Of Life

4-6 Grapes

3-5 Basil Leaves

50 ml Vodka

25 ml White Wine Sauvignong Blanc

25 ml Apple Juice

12.5 ml Lemon Juice

12.5 ml Sugar Syrup


Dumitrache ANDREI-CODRUT – Romania –  MobileBarEvents / ex Cotton Pub ROMANIA

Cocktail: Honey & Ginger Collins

40 ml London Dry Gin

15 ml Fresh Lemon

15 ml Honey Syrup

40 ml Ginger Beer

Method: Shake and Strain/Top/Gently Stir

Garnish: Lemon slice


Day 3 – Week 3

For our fifth and sixth announcements of week three we are proud to congratulate Ana Gracia Jimenez from Spain and Sami Foltete from France for their confinement cocktails!


Ana Gracia Jiménez – Spain – Angelita bar

Cocktail: Gipsy Rosemary

5 cl Blended Malt Whisky

2.5 cl Fino Sherry

2 cl Lime juice

2 cl Ginger and rosemary syrup (Homemade)

Garnish: smoke of lime peel and fresh thyme


Sami Foltete (From FRANCE) – Netherlands – Freddy’s bar

Cocktail: Letter to Ernest

60 ml White Rum

40 ml Spiced Grapefruit juice

25 ml Oleo Saccharum

15 ml Lime juice

1 Dash orange bitter


Day 2 – Week 3

For our third and fourth announcements of week three we are proud to congratulate Loic Revel from France and Felipe Rossi from Argentina for their confinement cocktails!


Loic Revel – France – AVVAGARDEN Bar

Cocktail: Loup de Mer

3 cl rum 55%.

0.5 cl pastis

5 cl banana juice

1.5 cl lime

1 cl honey

2.5 cl milk coconut rice

3 dash bitter vanilla


Felipe Rossi – Argentina (living in Mexico) – Baxanel Restaurant

Cocktail: Bacchus

Cucumber- 6 cubes

Coriander- 10gr

Lime juice- 3/4oz

Agave- 3/4oz

Tequila habanero- 2oz

Hibiscus tint – dash

Tequila habanero: For every 400ml of tequila I add 1 habanero without the seeds.

Put the cucumber, coriander, agave and lime juice in the shaker, crush it all,
add the tequila, add ice. Shake shake shake. Double strain. Add the hibiscus tint. Add garnish (cucumber slice with hibiscus flower).

“The products I’ve used are found in almost any house in Mexico. It’s a fresh drink, tequila lovers, and spiced up just enough to feel it in your lips but it doesn’t stay long enough to bother you. A great balance with the spicy sweet that the hibiscus tint adds.”



Day 1 – Week 3

For our first announcements of week three we are proud to congratulate Ma. Jocel Suguitan from the Philippines and Bruno Moreno from Chile!


Ma. Jocel Suguitan – Philippines – Sunset Bar

Cocktail: Perk Up

30 ml Butter-washed Vodka

15 ml Apple-Vanila Syrup

10 ml Fresh Calamansi Juice

2.5 ml Cacao tincture

Preparation: Shake and Strain

Garnish: Apple

Glass: Goblet (But you can use Coupe if its available at home)


Bruno Moreno – Chile – Ruca Bar (Living in Spain)

Cocktail: Cold Brew Martini

60 ml Gin (London Dry)

60 ml cold brew (2:1)water/coffee

30 ml agave syrup

2 dashes of vanilla essence

30 ml egg white

Barspoon of white sugar


Preparation: Mix Gin, cold brew, syrup, vanilla and egg white, shake without ice to activate the foam produced by the egg. Then add a fair amount of ice(avoid wet ice) and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled glass, wait a few seconds until the foam looks consistent on top and gently drop the white sugar, immediately burn the sugar until is caramelized.


CONGRATULATIONS again and thank you for participating! For any specific questions please contact

We encourage all bartenders around the world to participate in our contest and to spread the word to their known bartenders. To read the contest rules and learn how to participate click here.

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Good luck!


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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