The Société des Alcools de Quebec (SAQ) has developed a system to identify the aromatic profiles of your spirits. Discover it here and find your happiness!

These tabs developed almost ten years ago, allow you to identify the aromatic profiles of wines and spirits. Using a color code, we can also identify them more easily and assign them an aroma profile linked to a category.

Tabs are divided into several alcohol groups: wines, fine spirits, gins and rums.

Wines: wine, champagne or cider

  • Fruity and light: red wine, rosé wine.
  • Fruity and generous: red wine, rosé wine.
  • Aromatic and supple: red wine.
  • Aromatic and fleshy: red wine.
  • Delicate and light: white wine.
  • Fruity and lively: white wine, champagne and sparkling wine, cider.
  • Aromatic and round: white wine, champagne and sparkling wine.
  • Fruity and sweet: white wine, rosé wine, champagne and sparkling wine, cider.
  • Fruity and extra-sweet: white wine, cider.


Fine spirits: whisky, bourbon, cognac, calvados

  • Light and floral: whisky, brandy.
  • Medium-bodied and fruity: whisky, brandy, cognac, armagnac, calvados…
  • Medium-bodied and woody: whisky, bourbon, cognac, brandy, armagnac, calvados.
  • Full-bodied and complex: whisky, bourbon, cognac.
  • Full-bodied and smoky: scotch.


Gins: from London Dry gin to Navy Strength

  • Genièvre
  • Citrus
  • Herbaceous plant
  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Spicy
  • Forestier Boréal
  • Smoked woody


Rums: amber, white, agricole, spicy, arranged

  • Fruity and light: white rum.
  • Fruity and aromatic: white agricole rum, great aroma.
  • Woody and spicy: brown rum, agricole rum.
  • Woody and roasted: brown rum, agricole rum.
  • Vanilla and spicy: spicy rum.
  • Vanilla and roasted: spicy rum, brown rum.


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