A small introduction to the French wine brandy par excellence, a symbol of pride and reputed throughout the world for centuries.


What is cognac ?

To put it simply, cognac is an old wine brandy made from wine grapes in a specific region of France: Cognac. In more professional terms, it is a double distillation kind of spirit distilled in copper stills and aged in French -more often- oak barrels for at least two years.

Pure or mixed in a cocktail, its variety allows you to adapt it perfectly to your meal.

Why are some people afraid to try cognac?

Many people think it is expensive because they imagine businessmen with their cigars sipping their evening drinks. Actually, no. Although the best cognacs may not be accessible to everyone, there are affordable VSOP cognacs for everyone.


How is cognac similar to other spirits?

Bourbon whiskey, full of similar notes such as vanilla, cocoa and caramel.


How to enjoy it?

For enthusiasts, put it in your coffee or drink it with a good chocolate bar. Smell thoroughly several times and enjoy it in small sips.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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