Although many of us enjoy a good classic cocktail shaker to prepare cocktails, the machines have revolutionized the preparation at home. This is the best cocktail maker of 2020.

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker home cocktail maker has been nominated by several electronics sites and magazines such as Forbes and FoodNetwork as the best shaker. It is not easy to prepare cocktails by itself even if we have all the necessary utensils: shaker, jigger, bar spoon, strainer… That is why this type of device like Bartesian makes the preparation of cocktails at home easy, especially in these pandemic times where we have learned to enjoy the comfort of our homes and find different things to do.

To share a good cocktail with family or friends, it will be enough to use one of the capsules with pre-mixed cocktails and water. The capsules contain the bitters, extracts and/or juice concentrates for different drinks. You can store up to four of your favorite spirits. In addition, when preparing the drinks you can adjust its strength. The machine takes care of everything.

The capsules vary in taste from classic cocktails like Margarita and Cosmopolitan, to Mint Julep. It is worth mentioning that the capsules do not contain alcohol so it is also possible to make non-alcoholic cocktails.

Finally, the design is ergonomic and sophisticated with a textured finish and stainless steel accents. Thanks to its touch screen you will be able to operate the machine and it will even suggest you which type of glassware you need to use. It is easy to clean and its accessories are dishwasher safe.

Despite being an expensive instrument, it is a quality device that will allow you to create good cocktails and use your own spirits.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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