Prosecco is a delicious drink that is enjoyed on its own and also very well in cocktails. We tell you what it is and its varieties.

This drink is an Italian effervescent wine that comes from the vicinity of Venice, in the north of Italy. It surprises us with its versatility and variety. There are for example different categories as spumante (frothy) and frizzante (bubbly), but also the “tranquil” prosecco.

Some are made, and many of them, follow the method of champagne production, whose second fermentation is done in the bottle. These are more refined and their bubbles are discreet, as in the frizzante.


To choose a good prosecco we must pay attention to certain factors

*Origin: the origin must indicate DOCG (denominazione d’origine controllata e garantita) on the bottle’s label, which guarantees its origin in the regions guaranteed to produce it. These are: Conegliano, Vadobbiadene and Asolo, the most recognized.


*The price: as in many alcohols, the price is usually a good indicator. For example, a top-of-the-range prosecco will cost around 25 euros.

Those mass-produced with lower costs can start at a price of 3.50 euros.


*Flavor: we find different flavors of prosecco according to the dose of sugar. We know the prosecco brut, i.e. drier, as the most common. On the other hand, the extra dry has a residual sugar rate between 12 g and 15 g and is very well tasted with fried fish, hake, pizza, or seafood.

Finally, the Dry is sweeter and pairs perfectly at the end of a meal or with exotic dishes that are spicy.


And what about cocktails?

Prosecco is an indispensable ingredient for cocktails such as the Bellini, discover it here.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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