julien escot
julien escot

We continue with Anecdote Cocktail, and our last edition, with Julien Escot (Aperture Montpellier). This time we discover the Bayou la Batré cocktail!

And who said that non-alcoholic cocktails are boring? The Bayou la Batré alcohol-free cocktail by Julien Escot in collaboration with Joseph Biolatto, is a delicious blend of raspberry puree, lime, ginger beer, mint and cherries.


Cocktail Bayou la Batré, une anecdote par Julien Escot

Here’s what Julien Escot has to say about his creation of a non-alcoholic cocktail, sometimes a choice, sometimes an alternative to resting on alcohol.

Recipe created at 4 but with Joseph Biolatto my friend and associate at Baton Rouge, Pigalle. People who drink non-alcoholic cocktails sometimes do so out of obligation. Ginger beer adds spice and character.”

Cocktail Bayou la Batré


8 to 10 mint leaves

15 ml sugar syrup

20 ml fresh lime juice

40 ml raspberry puree

50 ml ginger beer


Sprig of mint, amarena cherries


Crush the mint leaves with the pestle directly into the serving glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then pour in the rest of the ingredients. Stir with the mixing spoon. Garnish, serve, and enjoy!


Recipes from Cocktail Now

by Julien Escot





Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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