Four cocktail bars in Beijing that you must try

Take a walk in Beijing and enter one of these four cocktail bars to try delicious drinks prepared by expert bartenders.

In 2017, the year concerning the opening of bars was very quiet. However, the summer of 2018 saw the opening of more than one of them. Today these bars are still on, where you can find original cocktails.


Pop-up Beijing Herbal

brand new with an old decoration, offers delicious cocktails made with herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. The latter are supposed to stimulate, relax and even beautify.


May Tailor

During the day, this bar is a fitting room for costumes made by Justin Wang, who worked for Gucci for five years. This bar also offers medicinal cocktails, a bottle of Chinese cough syrup is on the counter. This small dose of medication produces an offbeat aftertaste, with liquorice, in a mixture of smoky whisky and bitter.



Scandal offers a cocktail menu with 25 options divided into 6 sections: nuts, seeds, leaves and flowers, with an experimental section and cocktails served in bottles. Among the flagship products, the tasty and healthy cocktail of the experimental section is composed of French gin, dry vermouth, elderberry flower liqueur and orange bitters, as well as coconut oil, in an unparalleled blend.



This bar has 3,600 m² of space divided into four sumptuous themed rooms, as well as a large terrace on which the bartender juggles with the shaker.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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