Unique cocktail recipes inspired by the 7 deadly sins to drink your vice

Choose the sin for which you feel most guilty and ease the culpability by enjoying the associated cocktail from our original drinks shortlist.


Paige Nelson created this “sweet but sneaky” drink made from bananas, black rum and cocoa cream for cinnamon for a warm and fiery aftertaste. The drink’s garnish is a caramelized banana right in front of the guest, then placed on the side of the glass.


Naturally, as a drink worthy of “envy”, it is all pink and its smell is wonderful. This reinvented and perfectly designed Cosmopolitan by Rook includes Op Anderson Aquavit, Aperol, Lime, Lime, Cranberry Sage and Honey for a natural and not too sweet taste.


Based on Herradura silver, lemon, simple syrup and egg white tequila, this cocktail is finished with a rosé float.


Use refreshing substitutes: Tito vodka, freshly prepared peach jam, purple peach tea, honey vinegar and egg white.


Not surprisingly, it is the richest cocktail, made with peanut butter, mixing Campari with Lustau Pedro Ximenez and topped with a soft Negroni mousse.


Carefully named Banana in Pyjamas. This beach lazy man’s dream drink takes Three Sheets spicy rum, Camus VS cognac, banana, honey dew, lemon and orgeat.


The drink has a flavourful side of duck broth. But there is also a subtle sweetness of Grenadine pomegranate. Plus, a slight citrus note of Grand Marnier and a earthy note of upper St George Shochu (made from Californian rice and Koji spores).


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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