Founded in 2013, Ontario brewer Brewing is committed to promoting the work of artists by displaying their work on their beer cans. “We see our brand as another distribution network for artists to make themselves known” says Bob Russell, co-founder of Collective Arts Brewing.

How does it work ?
Periodically, calls for applications called “Call for art” are launched online. It is then that artists from around the world send their works to Collective Arts Brewing in the hope of finding themselves on cans sold across Canada, in 16 American states, in Europe and China.

To date, Collective Arts Brewing has received no less than 24,000 art submissions from 40 countries to decorate their cans. In addition, the artists are paid and according to Bob Russell’s estimates, approximately $300,000 has already been paid to them.

Sherbrooke’s Dewey Guyen is one of the artists who created labels for Dunham Brewery’s beers. “This is really exciting. I realize that what I do can have a more commercial potential,” says the artist.

It is a very beautiful initiative that is bearing fruit because it is a success.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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