The Italian drinks group Campari CPRI.MI announced on Saturday an ongoing negotiation to acquire the liquor firm Rhumantilles SAS. The French rums Trois-Rivières and La Mauny are part of the Rhumantilles group.

Campari, the sixth company in the world of spirits, expressed its interest in rum as a premium category. “At the heart of the mixology trend and growing cocktail culture“. said the group.

Very precise figures are not yet revealed, but the Italian group mentioned that as soon as the agreement is concluded they would give financial details. So far, however, net sales of Trois-Rivières, La Mauny and Duquesne rums have reached 24 million euros. Both La Mauny and Trois-Rivières exploit around 800 hectares of sugar cane.


Conquering the French market

Campari intends to expand its conquest of the French market through this acquisition. It is undoubtedly an important strategy for the Italian group. “With this acquisition the Campari group has the opportunity to add an important critical mass in this market“. Added the group to its statements about expansion into the French market. In 2017 they signed a deal to acquire Bisquit Dubouché et Cie, which they own today along with Grand Marnier as well.

Campari in good health

The Italian group increased sales 9.6 percent in the first quarter of 2019. In addition, its operating profit for the quarter reached 72.4 million euros, or 19.6 percent of its sales versus a margin of 18.2 percent.



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