In Argentina, Alberto Abecasis and his daughter Sol, owners of a bar, had to reinvent themselves after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more here.

Owners of Sr. Beer, Alberto and Sol suffered the consequences of the crisis. When the quarantine began, the owners had to close the bar as a result of the crisis created by the pandemic.

Now called “El Almacén Sr. Beer”, the old 24-hour bar had to close after five years. In total, Alberto and his family had been in the gastronomy and hospitality business for 30 years. The bar completely reinvented to function as a supermarket used to serve pints of beer and tacos, the house specialty for which loyal customers still come.

The crisis made it difficult for me to sell a car, and another half car to continue paying the bar’s fixed costs. Until one day we couldn’t stand it anymore and we had to close it down. We thought of a profitable business and in May we opened the supermarket. We have merchandise, dairy products, cold cuts, groceries, vegetables and we make food, as before. For now we are doing well, it is sustainable“. Alberto commented to the Zonda newspaper.

It was in mid-April that Sr Beer had to close after five years of activity. “When the quarantine came, we put all our batteries into it and held out as long as we could with the business closed. There I said, either do something or close, so I pulled down the shade and we put the store in,” recalls Alberto.

This is a “totally new” business, say Alberto and Sol. “It’s profitable and sustainable,” concluded Alberto’s daughter, Sol.


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