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The future of beer is here thanks to PUBINNO and the Smart Tab II that proposes to serve the perfect tap beer thanks to its artificial technology.

This device created by PUBINNO has a technology that allows you to serve the perfect pint of beer. Is there more foam? Is there more beer in the glass? Smart Tab recognizes how to finish serving the beer in the glass. The device is based on the fluidity, type and amount of foam. It also provides optimum pressure and perfect temperature depending on the type of beer.

Its patented robotic mechanism technology allows you to save up to 20% on average per keg of beer. The bartender can serve several beers at the same time using different measures. It also warns about the level of the barrel and when it is emptying, among other notifications such as: low pressure, high temperature, freshness of the barrel, maintenance. In the same way, it will adapt easily to any type of tirade system.

Created in San Francisco, its design is modern and will fit into any traditional pub environment. On the other hand, it is compatible with an application for its handling.


But how do you serve the perfect beer?

The Smart Tab connects to a cloud that consolidates all the information about the parameters that affect the quality of the beer. In this way, it provides a meaningful interpretation that makes it possible to serve beer with a good taste. Thus, it provides an ever-increasing performance day by day without the need to be customized for any type of beer or cooling system.

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