The shipment of Hibiki Blend 17 years old and Hakushu Single Malt 12 years old of Suntory stops until further notice beginning in 2019 due to supply constraints, announced a spokesman of Suntory Holdings to AFP.

Suntory will stop selling Hibiki 17 year old Hakushu Single Malt 12 year old in some markets from 2019, and will limit whisky availability in the coming years. Consequently its last deliveries are scheduled between June and September. However, sales of other Hibiki and Hakushu products of different ages will continue.

After its great international success, the shortage of Suntory whisky in the market is mainly due to a growing demand of the whisky by Japanese consumers. Indeed, Hibiki, is a whisky known all over the world for its elegant taste and superior quality. For its part, Hakushu is defined by Suntory as a refreshing single malt whisky.


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