The typical Japanese drink, Shochu, comes to life in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Discover it here.



But first, introduction to Shochu

What is Shochu?

Shochu, shōchū (焼酎) is one of the few spirits in the world that exudes both depth of aroma and flavor. With a history of over 500 years, like sake, Shochu brewing begins with the preparation of koji (main wort). Then it is made with the basic ingredient and water. Once elaborated, it is fermented and distilled. Several ingredients are used in the preparation of Shochu: rice, wheat, barley and sweet potato. Barley and sweet potato Shochu is the most common.

Unlike liquors such as Whisky, Calvados or Pisco, Shochu is distilled only once. Due to this single distillation, the alcohol content of Shochu never exceeds 90 degrees. The specification for Shochu prohibits repeated distillation in the still and the addition of additives. This manufacturing process results in a drink that has the smell and taste of the product it was made from. Shochu is part of the same family of beverages as rum, gin, whiskey and cachaça.


Miyazaki’s Shochu

Miyazaki Prefecture plays an important role in the production of Shochu in Japan. Miyazaki has few distilleries, unlike other prefectures, but it stands out! In fact, Miyazaki Prefecture produces and sells most of the Shochu in Japan. It has done so for several years. This can be explained by the fact that Miyazaki Prefecture benefits from a subtropical climate. As a result, they benefit from abundant and varied agriculture. Miyazaki Prefecture produces many of the foods needed to make Shochu, such as sweet potatoes, barley and buckwheat. This diversity and quality of products allows Miyazaki Prefecture to be very creative and to offer all kinds of Shochu, such as seaweed and cactus! In Japan, Miyazaki’s Schochu is recognized as a quality product.


How to taste Shochu?

Traditionally, Shochu is better tasted in hot water. One of the best ways to drink Shochu is to drink it neat, with ice cubes or with a dash of sparkling water.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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