For several years now, Soju has been on the top of the sales of the best-selling spirits in the world.

Very far in front of liquors like vodka, this product made in Korea is strongly alcoholic liquor. Made traditionally from rice, this brandy is clear and is often drunk in groups.


Soju: the national drink of South Korea

With a taste like vodka, the Soju from the Jinro brand is usually consumed in the form of a shot and is obtained from the distillation of rice and barley. That gives it some punch and makes it the best-selling liquor in the world. This status naturally creates a great craze around the drink and explodes the demand.

This drink is consumed largely in South Korea and Japan. But in all, Jinro is exported and sold in sixty countries around the world. Its unique and pungent flavor can not leave anyone indifferent. To taste Soju is simply to adopt it. Taste it and you could say to everybody “I drank the most popular liquor in the world”. Good tasting.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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